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Company News >> useful tips on how to make your own pipe and drape
These days pipe and drape is becoming really common, where you’ll find useful tips on how to make your own pipe and drape, and how to put together your own backdrop frame and set up lighting.
Simply hang pipe drape backdrop as a background for photography or for decoration. Fabrics are easily hung on the pipe backdrop stand by draping them over. Pipe and Drape is arguably one of the easiest systems to put together. Simply attached a drape support after you have inserted your drapes to an upright of matching style and don’t forget the pipe & drape base.
Buying pipe and drape systems from on the internet can be really confusing, you can find all of the supplies you need to construct your pipe and drape backdrops at most hardware stores and general stores. But I strongly recommended vivi Pipe and Drape as your business partners.