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Company News >> save money when you do it yourself pipe and drape
 Wholesale Pipe and Drape is arguably one of the easiest systems to put together. To build your own pipe and drape, you can rent pipe and drapes, but the cost can be prohibitive after a while. So a matter here how to save yourself the money when you do it yourself pipe and drape.
We have clients across the nation who use our pipe and drape for all kinds of occasions: Places of worship, Colleges and schools, Wedding halls, Convention centers, Businesses, Photographers, Hospitals, Shopping malls etc. Since pipe and drape is becoming really common, Pipe and Drape Poles join in.
vivi Pipe and Drape offers a wide variety of configurations at a very affordable price. vivi not only lowered down their price of whole new pipe and drape systems, but also multiple color available, they offered four different colors for anyone to choose from: Black, white, blue and red etc.