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Product News >> Basic Information on Pipe and Drape Kits
Pipe and drape kit refer to a whole set of pipe and drape parts, including base, uprights, drape, cross bars and accessories. Due to their special structure- combined with draperies and hard ware, they are also called pipe& drape backdrop kits.
The characteristics of the whole systems are determined by their parts. That’s to say pipe & drape kit have all features that can be found on the parts. For example, an adjustable drape kits means the uprights of the products can be adjusted, or their cross bars can be adjusted. Similarly, the color of the drapes can also be used to name the whole system, just like red pipe and drape kits, white pipe and drape kits, etc.
Pipe and Drape kits from Vivi can be placed into different usage. Decoration, concealment, privacy protection, division of room, backdrops and others are some of the most typical for their employment. Our drape kits are widely used in wedding, hotels and other occasions that require highly of decorations. If people want to conceal something, pipe and drape are also ideal options. Of course, in the shopping mall, stores or other occasions, they are used to protect privacy. Theatre and other occasions for performance are in need of pipe and drape kits as backdrops.
The structure of our pipe and drape kits is so simple that people can learn and install them quickly. During the whole installation procedure, only a screwdriver is needed to fix the screw and pin. Just in the same way, users can dismantle them within minutes. Of course, the special design allows them to be stored in very small box or flight cases. Storage and transportation become much easier as a result.

Therefore, no matter what kind of pipe and drape kits you are searching for, we can always satisfy you.