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Industry News
 Industry News
Pipe and drape are some of the most widely used equipments for almost all events, like wedding, school, theatre, auditorium, hotel, etc. As a leading pipe and drape manufacture in the industry, Vivi i... More>>
Wedding is one of the foremost important events for almost all of us. And how to make it a meaningful and impressive one is a real tough job. We may get some special ideas just like use different flow... More>>
Pipe and drape are some of the most widely used equipments for certain events, most of which are temporary activities, such as a wedding, school sports, mass, etc. You may care more about the styles a... More>>
It is known that more and more exhibitors now tend to use pipe and drape as the main equipments for their booths. Pipes and drapes display in the exhibition can be brought into many uses:   * t... More>>
 A pipe and drape is a handy thing, specially when it is used for wedding, we could not only set up our booths at a cheap price, but also design the style we require according to actual need. ... More>>
 What is FR and IFR? FR (Flame Retardant) refers to fabric that has been topically treated with a flame retardant solution. FR-treated fabric needs to be re-treated over time or during cleanings... More>>
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